We invite you to our company, which operates continuously since 1989. We are engaged in handicrafts products. The main range of products are made of wicker and birch, straw, vows, which are not only ecological product, but also lend a unique atmosphere and warmth in every home. Our company has been producing, buying, selling both wholesale and retail goods domestically and abroad.
In our offer you will find about 360 articles in various sizes which gives over 1000 products at attractive prices. We accept orders for custom products according to your projects. We wholesale orders for companies, shops, workplaces and individual orders.
We are happy to take part in the festivities held throughout the country.

The wide range of our products we offer include:
- Shopping baskets (approximately) 40 different designs
- Picnic Baskets
- Bicycle baskets
- Bags and baskets
- Gift Baskets
- Baskets
- Baskets of flowers
- Stands for flowers
- Hanging Flower
- Wall Decorations
- Reeds, wreaths
- Pots and planters for flowers
- Vases
- Trays for fruit
- Trays of bread, the cutlery, the napkins, gift, etc.
- Pet Baskets (conveyors, booths, chairs, cages, feeders and nesting boxes)
- Newspaper containers (standing, hanging)
- Carpet beaters
- Baskets umbrella
- Haversacks
- Boxes, caskets, boxes (made of wicker, and straw)
- Drawers, baskets land (shop)
- Baskets for bedding
- Trunks, boxes (26 standard patterns)
- Laundry baskets, baskets and accessories (12 patterns)
- Baskets for timber, firewood baskets (18 patterns)
- Mirrors
- Suitcases, trunks (12 patterns)
- Lamps
- Lampshades, lamps
- End Tables, cabinets, store shelves, chests of drawers (40 patterns)
- Shelves, hangers
- Rocking chairs (6 patterns)
- Garden chairs (10 patterns)
- Seats of the house
- Sofas, chairs
- Chairs
- Stools, chairs, footstools
- Tables
- Screens
- Furniture for children
- Cribs, cradles for children

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ul. Partyzantów 23
05-532 Chojnów k/ Piaseczna

phone: +48 (22)790-23-79
cell phone:: 604-201-797

e-mail: wikland@wikland.waw.pl
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